Juan B. Plaza

Juan B. Plaza holds a degree in Geodesy from Universidad Central de Venezuela and an MBA in International Finance from Florida International University. A couple of years before completing his degree in Geodesy, Juan was hired by one of his professors to help survey the legal boundaries of an open pit mining concession deep in the Amazon jungle. Over the course of many months, Juan and the professor spent time in the mine, surveying and extracting gold and diamonds to support the exploration effort. This experience in the jungle is the platform of his first book “Red Diamonds, Grey Gold.” A Canadian citizen born in Venezuela, Juan B. Plaza is not only a part-time writer, he belongs to many places and to many crafts. His friends call him the Renaissance man, but even that label seems out of place in the context of the 21st century. In 1998 Juan began drawing with china ink on paper and that apparently innocuous exercise turned into Dr. Wiggl’s PhD a character he created to blame for his artistic endeavors. Over 150 originals constitute the legacy of this stick figure and the incessant search of its creator for meaning in a whirlpool of life, responsibilities and the constant challenge of his many interests; from a deep belief in nature and love and from the unique blending of his abilities as an inventor, craftsman, artist, writer and cook.  Juan is also an accomplished surfboard builder. (Kuyagua), a bonsai enthusiast, makes his own wines, loves to cook, is writing a sequel to “Red Diamonds, Grey Gold” and spends time flying his plane over the everglades of South Florida. Juan is currently running his own aviation consulting business called Juan B Plaza Consulting.
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