Koprowski’s Project

In 1997 Juan met one of Canada’s leading composers, Peter Paul Koprowski. It was one of those rare affairs in which the universe conspires to have two individuals, who have a lot in common, meet under very peculiar circumstances. If you want to read the whole story, feel free to download the PDF titled “Canadian Composer & Cuban Cigars.” This seemingly casual encounter developed into a very close, even though distant, friendship. Juan had been drawing musical tempos such as “Larghetto”, “Andantino” and “Allegro ma non Troppo” but he was on the lookout for more modern and exciting names. He decided to call his Canadian friend Peter Paul who immediately mailed him a photocopy of his piece “Ancestral Voices” one of Juan’s favorite pieces. In this magnificent set of tens of handwritten pages of music, Juan found nine tempos that perfectly fit his definition of modern and exciting. Once the nine drawings were completed, Juan sent the originals to Canada for Peter Paul to sign and the rest is history.
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