When he was 4 years old, Juan’s letter to Santa had just one gift request: an airplane. This early fascination with aviation took a turn to reality when in 1984 he was asked to become an apprentice for aerial photography and photogrammetry as part of his job with Tranarg C.A. in Venezuela. Over the next two years, Juan spent over 750 hours flying in all kinds of planes such as Learjet, WWII bomber B25, Cessna 310 and Queen Air 90. In 2004 after completing his MBA, Juan decided to finally get his private pilot’s license, which he did in six months. In 2006 Juan obtained his Instrument Rating and bought a small single engine plane. Today, Juan spends time in the air over the beautiful landscape of South Florida. Dr. Wggl’s PhD has learned to love aviation as well and has developed a keen eye for the beauty of approach charts.

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