Dr. Wiggl’s Ph.D. is an inseparable love affair between words and graphics.

Juan uses a combination of long, elegant lines, wiggles and dots to create an atmosphere of surreal spaces around his character Dr. Wiggl’s Ph.D.

In most cases this combination of lines and dots follow Dr. Wiggl’s throughout the page, showing the truth behind the apparent serenity of the faceless character.

A careful examination of these “tails” following Dr. Wiggl’s wherever he goes, will reveal a complex, irreverent and elaborate world of subtle messages and hidden demons.

There is no separation between the graphics on the page and the name of the piece. Juan starts each work with the title. The development of the drawing belongs to the complete abandonment to the subconscious. The hand belongs to the mind; it follows instructions from within. Images pop-up and disappear with the same speed. The end result is but a fraction of the hidden messages.

Juan’s materials are china ink over slightly textured, water marked paper. The paper format is A4 (8 ¼ by 11 ¾) which is the European version of the Letter format. The ink used in Juan’s work is waterproof “Black India” ink for Rapidograph® pens designed for technical drawings. Juan uses pens that range from 0.13 to 1.4 in thickness.

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