Doctor Wiggls

Doctor Wiggls

Doctor WigglsDoctor WigglsDoctor Wiggls

Dr. Wiggl’s Ph.D. is a genderless character that refuses to be one dimensional.

Doctor Wiggls



Dr. Wiggl’s Ph.D. is in love with life but his reflections on love are founded on a more personal level. His creator has managed to transmit to the good doctor, the sheer happiness of being in love and the simplicity of such a state. The enduring loss of separation and the perverse dichotomy of physical love and mind attraction only add to the complications of being one with someone else.



Torn between his daily responsibilities and his profound love of life, Plaza has influenced Dr. Wiggl’s Ph.D’s mind with all sorts of contradictions and frustrations. The reaction of the good doctor is understandable and predictable; he flies, jumps, walks on air and water in a failed attempt to express what’s on its mind. 



 Dr. Wiggl’s relationship to aviation goes back some 60 years when its  creator sent a letter to Santa Claus asking for a plane for Christmas,  when he was just four years old. The intricacies of flying by instruments, as opposed to visually, is a topic of special relevance for  the good doctor and the beautiful aerodynamics of small aircraft a  specific topic of interest.   



Dr. Wiggl’s Ph.D. developed a keen interest in the world of business after its creator joined the ranks of Corporate America and decided to pursue his MBA at Florida Atlantic University. Dr. Wiggl’s Ph.D. is particularly fascinated with the beauty of some finance and economics’ equations, such as the distribution of risk in a portfolio by Harry Markowitz. While Plaza struggles to cope with the duality of his artistic and business sides, Dr. Wiggl’s Ph.D rejoices in the contradiction and takes advantage of it.



Probably following a lead from his creator, Dr. Wiggl’s Ph.D. has a keen interest in music. Its musical interests go from Mozart and Rachmaninnov to Pink Floyd, Children of Bodom and Emerson, Lake & Palmer. As in every other aspect of its life, Dr. Wiggl’s Ph.D. enjoys many genres and is always on the lookout for new music. Dr. Wiggl’s Ph.D., as opposed to Plaza, has no time or ears for that matter, for the sounds of music (no pun intended) but a passion for the sheer beauty of the notes dancing on the overly structured five parallel lines of the music paper. Dr. Wiggl’s Ph.D. has found inspiration on the works of a well known Venezuelan composer, Juan Bautista Plaza, the artist’s grandfather.