About The Artist

A Canadian citizen born in Venezuela, Juan Bautista Plaza T. belongs to many places and to many crafts. His friends call him the Renaissance man, but even that label seems out of place in the context of the 21st century. In 1984 Plaza obtained his degree as a Geodetic Engineer from Central University of Venezuela and 20 years later his MBA, with honors from Florida International University. His china ink on paper drawings come from the heart and from the mind; from the constant challenge of his many interests; from a deep belief in nature and love and from the unique blending of his abilities as an inventor, craftsman, artist, writer and cook. 

Plaza is an accomplished surfboard builder (www.kuyagua.com), a bonsai enthusiast, makes his own wines, loves to cook, is writing a novel on his adventures as a surveyor in the gold and diamond mines of the Amazon and has recently obtained his private pilot license. Plaza is currently a successful sales manager for a well known software company.